Hydrolysed vegetable proteins (HVP), also known as flavour enhancers, are foodstuff gleaned by protein hydrolysis, which are used as ingredients in processed foods. These foods could include stews, gravies, chili, sauces, soups, and meat products like dog meat in some cases. The aim is to give the processed foods a bouillon (broth) taste.


The production process involves boiling food like wheat, soy, or corn in hydrochloric acid, after which the solution is being neutralised with sodium hydroxide. The protein in the vegetable is broken down by the acid into their tiny amino acids. Glutamic acid, a dark coloured liquid, is one of the amino acids that will be left, and most consumers are familiar with it, especially in its monosodium glutamate or sodium salt form.

Studies have shown that every protein-rich product is good enough for HVP production. In recent times, it is made primarily from protein components of vegetable origin like wheat gluten, maize meal, and soybean meal. Proteins are made up of amino acid chains tied together through amino bonds when exposed to hydrolysis (hydrolysed), the protein disintegrates into its component amino acids. This process is done with the aid of hydrochloric acid in the industrial sector, and alkalis such as sodium hydroxide are used to neutralize the remaining acid. Table salt is being left behind, which makes up about 20% of the final product.

The needed organoleptic properties of the end product determine the entire manufacturing process for HVP. Some of the most common raw vegetables generally used in HVP production include non-fatty oilseeds (rapeseed, soy) and protein from pea, rice, wheat, and maize.


HVP is so necessary that manufacturers use it to restore lost flavours in foods that have been frozen, canned, and dried. It brings back the latent taste characteristics and also boosts the food flavour. This is the core reason why HVP is used for products like fine-food, snack, fish, meat, spice, soup and flavours.


  • Wise Cicada (Auckland)

    This store is a definition of an ideal food store, and you'll find almost every food product you need, such as raw diets, gluten-free, vegan, dairy –free, paleo, sugar-free products, and hydrolysed vegetable proteins. Also sold here are varieties of groceries, snack foods, and raw organic chocolate.

  • Scarecrow (Auckland CBD)

    Located in the strategic CBD area of Auckland, Scarecrow is a great combination of food, café, and florist store. Their products range from Daily Organic Kombucha to Little Bird Granolas and some of the best HVPs.

  • Bulk Food Savings (Mt Eden)

    Located at Wendy’s on Dominion Road, this store boasts of varieties of some of the best organic and inorganic food products. These food products include grains, non-diary milk, flours, pulses, beans, chocolate hazelnut milk, dried fruits, nuts and HVPs.

  • Park ‘n Save (Wellington)

    This store is unarguably one of the least expensive food stores in the whole of New Zealand. They have several sections, which include fresh food and bakery, pantry, frozen desserts, beer cider, and wine. Their food section features organic and inorganic foods, and they are offering one of the best HVPs in New Zealand.


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